What makes the Good Manager Guide different?

Here’s three reasons:

1. Once they’ve purchased, learners can access the content as often and for as long as they want, including any updates or upgrades.

2. The guidebooks and video-podcasts are in Plain English, de-mystifying a topic where posh-sounding phrases, mumbo-jumbo and management speak can confuse. The guidance is clear, practical and innovative.

3. Through our partnership with the Chartered Management Institute, once learners have completed the programme they can receive a CMI certificate, access a year’s membership and also receive a recommendation from us on their LinkedIn profile.

How do I know that the content is high quality?

The content meets the rigorous quality standards of the Chartered Management Institute and is one of their Recognised Courses – and it also maps against the UK Government Apprenticeship Standards for Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 (ST0384).

In addition, versions of the content – written by John Carter who has 35 years of business and management experience – have been delivered through face to face training for more than a decade, with consistently positive feedback.

In short, we know it’s good!

Who is the programme most suitable for?

It’s primarily been created for aspiring and current managers.

No formal qualifications are required to enrol, as it is designed to support a broad range of people in the early stages of their management careers who may come from a variety of educational backgrounds.

How is the online content structured?

There are two main elements:

Firstly, there are 15 guidebooks, spanning more than 300 pages in total. Each one covers a single topic and finishes with ideas on further reading and follow up activities. Through taking those activities, learners can build up a portfolio of evidence.

You can view a sample from a guidebook here...

Then, linked to each guidebook, there are several video-podcasts, each one between seven and ten minutes in length. The audio is delivered in an informal, conversational style by John Carter, supported visually by captions and slides. It’s like being in a training session and being personally mentored. In total there are 42 video-podcasts, spanning 300 minutes.

It’s all self-paced so learners can progress at a pace that suits. Equally it’s possible to buy individual elements – developing specific skills in key areas – rather than the whole package.

View Guidebook sample

Who are CMI and how does Good Manager Guide work in partnership with them?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a world-renowned organisation, based in the United Kingdom, that works with business and education to inspire people to become skilled, confident and successful managers and leaders.

They have ‘recognised’ the Good Manager Guide for its quality and our partnership means that learners have the potential, upon completion of the programme, to receive a CMI certificate and become a member, accessing their Management Direct Portal.

What do learners need to do to earn the CMI/Good Manager Guide certificate and LinkedIn recommendation?

To earn the certificate and our LinkedIn recommendation learners will need to undertake the whole Good Manager Guide programme – reading the guidebooks, viewing the video-podcasts, undertaking the associated activities, creating a portfolio of evidence and completing the end assessment. If that sounds like it’s a big time commitment, then remember your learners can progress at a pace that suits, spreading over several months.

Successful completion is a significant endorsement of the manager’s capabilities.

How does the content link to Apprenticeship standards for Team Leader/Supervisor at level 3?

The content of the guidebooks, video-podcasts and associated activities have been mapped against the Apprenticeships standards.

Of course, completion of our programme doesn’t mean learners have actually achieved the apprenticeship but it provides a strong and comprehensive foundation of the skills and knowledge required.

Is the programme mainly purchased by individuals or organisations?


Individual learners buy because they want to boost their managerial career to the next level, through developing their skills, knowledge and confidence. They know successful completion is a big tick on their CV.

Organisations enjoy a discounted rate through buying learner licences in bulk, allowing their whole management community to access the benefits of our programme.

The rate depends on the number of learner licences you’re purchasing. So, yes, there are significant discounts if you buy the online training in bulk, or purchase both the online and face to face training.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Do we have to pay right now?

Payment is by credit or debit card or invoice/purchase order. If paid by card, course access is instant. If paid by invoice/purchase order, course access is granted when the funds have cleared.

Is it possible to purchase both the face to face and the online training?

Yes, that’s the most comprehensive way to develop managers’ confidence and effectiveness.

We’ll collaborate with you to decide whether we’ll deliver the face to face training, or whether we’ll provide the training pack and support your trainers to do so.

How will staff access the courses?

Learners can either access the online content via our website, or, for larger organisations, we may be able to transfer the content onto your own learning portal.

How long do learners have access to the Good Manager Guide?

For ever. This is not a monthly or yearly subscription – once purchased, the content is accessible permanently. CMI membership and access to the Management Direct portal upon successful completion of the course is separate and is for one year and can be renewed annually.