Hiring well is an underrated skill, not least because good employees are hard to find and there tends to be an underappreciation of the time and money involved. Investing in a thorough, well thought out approach will pay for itself many times over.

Get it right and you’ll save time and construct a team packed full of skilled, loyal people with a great attitude who are perfect for the role they perform. They’ll help the team go from strength to strength and make you look good. It’s that important!

Contents of this guidebook

  • Equality Act 2010
  • The Recruitment Process
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Reviewing applications
  • Assessment options
  • Interview preparation
  • Attitude above all
  • Interview structure
  • Running the Interview
  • Selection
  • Notification and induction

Includes these video podcasts:

  • Equality, Diversity and Unconscious bias
  • How to plan for a recruitment process
  • How to interview candidates effectively
  • How to select the best candidates
Price: £19.99