Complete Programme

This online programme, written and delivered by professional training and development specialist John Carter, is a complete guide to the role of manager, preparing them for situations they are likely to encounter and providing tried-and-true best practices for dealing with them.

Armed with these skills and knowledge aspiring and current managers will be several steps ahead of the rest.

Personal Mentor

It has often been said that it is best to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than your own. John Carter distils many years of progress in management thinking into 15 easy-to-read, plain-English guidebooks, each of which tackles a single subject.

The guidebooks are supported by 42 video podcasts delivered personally by John, in which he sets out his advice in a way that demonstrates he has been there himself and is not just quoting management theory. Previous learners have commented that it’s like having your own personal mentor.

Self-Paced Learning

To undertake the full Good Manager Guide programme involves self-paced learning: reading guidebooks, viewing video-podcasts, undertaking some associated practical CPD activities and creating a portfolio of evidence.

When that’s complete learners have the option of purchasing a one year membership of CMI which will allow them to access their excellent Management Direct Portal and receive a CMI certificate.

In addition if, at the end, they pass a 25-question multiple-choice assessment then they will receive a Good Manager Guide Certificate and a recommendation from us on LinkedIn.

Go-to Guide

John Carter has been delivering on-site face-to-face management programmes to companies small and large for over two decades. The Good Manager Guide is the result of this experience packaged into a self-paced, online programme that covers the same territory in the same level of detail, but at a fraction of the price of face-to-face training. This is the go-to guide for aspiring or current managers who wish to improve their performance.


Video Podcasts

Rising to the challenge

  • How to transition into management

Workload Juggling

  • Traits of effective time managers
  • Ideas to manage interruptions
  • How to delegate effectively

Word Perfect

  • The communication toolkit
  • How you may pass silent messages
  • How to listen at a higher level

The Write Way

  • General guidelines for business writing
  • How to write in Plain English
  • How to comply with email etiquette

Team Up

  • Traits of Peak Performance teams
  • How to mobilise a ‘forming’ team
  • How to maintain peak performance

Raising the Standard

  • How to manage your team members using SOAR
  • How to set expected standards of performance and conduct
  • Overview of review meetings
  • How to run successful review meetings

Challenging conversations

  • How to use GROW for challenging conversations
  • How to use DESOP for challenging conversations
  • How to hold a challenging conversation
  • How to handle emotionally charged behaviour

Change Ahead

  • Competencies for effective project management – Part 1
  • Competencies for effective project management – Part 2

Best laid plans

  • How to employ six hats thinking
  • How to accelerate people around the change curve

Serve you well

  • How to create a customer focused culture
  • How to sell your product or service

Mind Management

  • Understanding the William James Cycle
  • How to raise your emotional intelligence
  • How to deal with the three Cs - change, conflict and calamities

Go Hire

  • Equality, Diversity and Unconscious bias
  • How to plan for a recruitment process
  • How to interview candidates effectively
  • How to select the best candidates

Grow your Own

  • Key elements of learning and development
  • How to undertake instructional coaching

Under the Spotlight

  • How to prepare for a presentation
  • How to deliver a confident, high impact presentation
  • How to manage your nerves

The Bigger Picture

  • The foundations of organisational strategy
  • How to analyse competitors, customers and your own organisation
  • How to create a set of values and a positive culture

This course equips you with all the skills you will need in a managerial career. In addition, it looks good on your CV. That’s because it is mapped against the UK Government Apprenticeship Standards for Team Leader/Supervisor so that it focuses on the same areas and skills. The course is also recognised by the Chartered Management Institute after having been thoroughly assessed and found to meet their rigorous standards.

No formal qualifications are required to enrol in this course, as it is designed to be a companion and mentor for a broad range of people in the early stages of their management careers who may come from a variety of educational backgrounds. The Good Manager Guide is ‘Management in Plain English’: a solid set of skills and best practices that anyone can understand and apply to their careers.

"Thank you again John, I honestly meant it when I said I wished I had this training before I became a manager all those years ago, it would have been extremely useful as a lot of the things we went over were things I had to learn on the job, having done the job for around 10 years would have been great if I were better prepared. It was also very reassuring to know that most managers faced the same struggles as I did when I first started.

I am confident that when I apply for management roles in the future I will be better prepared, thanks to you. I thoroughly enjoyed the course."

Participant on management programme

"As the manager of a busy training function I commission work from a wide variety of local and national trainers who are experts in their field. John Carter is my trainer of choice wherever possible. John is remarkably easy to work with and designs superb training courses (from scratch if necessary). My own experience as a trainee and the extensive, glowing feedback from my customers supports my view that he is a first-class trainer and facilitator.

I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending his services."

Training and Development Manager, Voluntary Norfolk

"We have used John Carter as a facilitator of management development, team development and also an individual coach to employees.

In all situations we have found John to be excellent in his delivery, support and development of our people. John has the ability to listen and work with us to establish our needs and deliver the required outcomes. The feedback from delegates is consistently high."

Learning and Organisational Development (Projects) Officer, Norwich City Council

"Your content was excellent, your delivery and the management of people, the class and your powers of observation and feedback giving were faultless. I learned a lot and I shall recommend you enthusiastically."

Participant on management programme

"You have a unique approach which was very refreshing. Your style was unusual in as much as you were working with us, rather than talking at us – which made it easier to partake and to ask questions. All in all, it made for a relaxed and enjoyable day."

Participant on management programme

"John is great. He is very encouraging and perfect for the job. Good balance in the environment; relaxed yet professional."

Participant on workload juggling workshop

"The content was great but the trainer was amazing! He was very passionate and enthusiastic, funny but professional. He’s seriously good!"

Participant on employability workshop

The Good Manager Guide is a complete training course for managers entering their first roles or seeking to progress their careers to the next level. For personal coaching on specific topics, it is possible to book one-to-one sessions with John Carter, either via Skype or face-to-face. For further details and availability, please visit the ‘face-to-face training’ section of this site.

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