In this guidebook, we look towards the horizon and consider some of the ‘bigger picture’ aspects. We’re going to reflect on the kind of tasks more associated with a leadership role: thinking strategically, working on what’s important rather than urgent, and inspiring the team to create an even better tomorrow.

It’s possible that you’ll feel that these areas are not currently relevant for you. No matter, growing your awareness will be helpful to prepare you for new responsibilities down the line.

Equally, at times we’ll talk about some strategic aspects from an organisation’s perspective but bear in mind that you can also apply them at a team level.

Contents of this guidebook

  • Organisational Strategy and Compliance
  • Analysis
  • Budgets and Finances
  • Objectives and Key Performance Indicators
  • Culture

Includes these video podcasts:

  • The foundations of organisational strategy
  • How to analyse competitors, customers and your own organisation
  • How to create a set of values and a positive culture
Price: £19.99