The best communicators are good at both sending and receiving messages – and those messages are not always in the form of spoken words.

They can also be written and often the most powerful messages that you send to others will be unspoken and through your actions, or lack of action.

This guidebook lays out the communication skills that help you to become a more effective manager.

Contents of this guidebook

  • Communication toolkit
  • Body language
  • Listening
  • Adaptability and Interpersonal Styles
  • Putting it into practice 1 – first impressions
  • Putting it into practice 2 – rapport
  • Putting it into practice 3 – coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • Putting it into practice 4 – chairing a meeting
  • Putting it into practice 5 - presentation skills

Includes these video podcasts:

  • The communication toolkit
  • How you may pass silent messages
  • How to listen at a higher level
Price: £19.99