Previously you just had your own workload to worry about. Now you may have kept some of your previous role but have a raft of management duties plus, maybe, some project work.

The good news is that using proven and practical techniques can make a massive difference to getting things done and your overall productivity.

Contents of this guidebook

  • Traits of high and low achievers
  • Common sense, not common practice
  • Compass before clock
  • Technology
  • Delegation
  • To do lists

Includes these video podcasts:

  • Traits of effective time managers
  • Ideas to manage interruptions
  • How to delegate effectively

"Thank you again John, I honestly meant it when I said I wished I had this training before I became a manager all those years ago, it would have been extremely useful as a lot of the things we went over were things I had to learn on the job, having done the job for around 10 years would have been great if I were better prepared. It was also very reassuring to know that most managers faced the same struggles as I did when I first started."

- Workload Juggling workshop participant

Price: £19.99